We build shapeable, intelligent products.
Shapeable Systems
To trust intelligent systems with augmenting our life and work, we need the tools to actively shape their understanding of our world.
We build and incubate products powered by data-first machine learning that execute on this vision and collaborate with select clients to bring shapeable systems to everyone.
We build shapeable intelligent products
Put your photos to work.
We build shapeable intelligent products
Share your photos on Loupe. Collaboration, automation, integrations, and powerful, shapeable intelligence let you get work done together.
Our team and custom tooling will support you from product conception, through data collection, model development and delivery of your next intelligent product.
Our Customers
Ford Motor Componay
We build shapeable intelligent products
Companies that take intelligent products seriously, collect their own training data. We can support you with our integrated suite of bespoke hardware and software.
What we offer
Bringing AI literacy and readiness to the core of your organisation.
Designing powerful intelligent products that put the user in control.
Data Collection
Capturing and synthesising datasets that help jumpstart any data challenge.
End-to-end intelligence baked into your products and services.
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About Us

We are a team building towards a future in which intelligent products become teachable by anyone.